Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Chris Webber Q & A With Matt Steinmetz

Why did Chris Webber decided to go Warriors? Can he keep up with Warriors's running style? All answered here from the man himself.

Steinmetz: How did all this come about?

Webber: At the beginning of the season I knew I was going to take a break to be with my family. I wanted to wait until later to think about where I wanted to go. Early on in the season I got a call from the Warriors, but I didn’t take it too serious. A month or so ago, they pursued me and let me know how much they wanted me, that it would be a good marriage and a good fit. Nellie and Mully won me over with their persistence.

Steinmetz: Don Nelson answered “Yes,” when asked if he thought he could coach you again. I assume you would say “Yes,” when asked if you could play for him again. Why?

Webber: Because it has never been a question of him being a good coach or not. His skills as a coach are obvious. To me, personally, we’re both older, more mature. It won’t be a problem. He’s a guy who has been very innovative in terms of how he coaches. We were the league leaders in scoring my rookie year and they’re doing the same things now. Nellie is a good coach.

Steinmetz:Seemed like you had more than one option, why the Warriors?

Webber:I thought it would be a great fit. I BELIEVE in the team. I love the fans and the area and am familiar with the situation. Nellie and Mully also made it clear to me that they still believe in me and my abilities.

Steinmetz:What can you bring to the table?

Webber:Definitely, I think I can help make everybody better. I’ve always prided myself on that. That’s who I am. I’m a veteran that can help with leadership, distributing the ball, scoring, rebounding. Whatever is needed to help this team continue to succeed, and all of which are things that I have done throughout my entire career.

The court of public opinion is offering plenty of pros and cons to this move, one of the cons involving chemistry and how you might affect it? How would you address that?

I think that my career speaks for itself and shows the type of player I am. I have never had a teammate who didn’t enjoy playing with me. There are always going to be skeptics, but chemistry will definitely not be an issue.

Another concern would be whether or not you can keep up with the Warriors’ running style. Can you?

Now, that’s a fair criticism. I’m older, I’ve had problems with my knee. I’ll have to prove that with time. You can always be in shape, though. After a couple of games, we’ll be able to tell.

How can you help the Warriors in the halfcourt?

I can help by calming the pace down, working in the post, being a facilitator to get guys easy shots and not have to work extra hard for everything.

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