Monday, January 28, 2008

Did Scott Skiles fire himself?

Scott Skiles was fired briefly after telling the management team that Bulls "needed a new voice".

"Something didn't mesh right this year," team chairman Jerry Reinsdorf said in an interview scheduled to air Sunday night on WGN-TV. "Scott came to us eventually and said, 'I think the team needs a new voice.' ... Scott realized that he wasn't getting through to them. It was time to do something else."

The team fired Skiles on Dec. 24 and replaced him on an interim basis with assistant Jim Boylan.

"Scott's a dedicated professional," Boylan said before Chicago's game Sunday against the Suns. "He'd never quit on the team. I think Scott's realistic and he sees what's going on around him and he's not afraid of the truth."

"Sometimes, when things aren't going well, there's a reason for that. ... Whatever conversations he had with Jerry, that's a private conversation between those two guys. That really doesn't have anything to do with me."

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