Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hooptube's All Star's Special: Sprite Slam Dunk Competition

This year slam dunk competition is almost guranteed to be one of the most exciting slam dunk competition in recent years. Every participant had lighted up the NBA with spectacular and monstrous dunks this season. Who could forget Dwight Howard in 2007 Slam Dunk contest when he cheekily pasted a sticker of himself on the top of the board after slamming it home, or the defending champion Gerald Green covering his eyes with one arm and slamming it over Nate Robinson.

Just a reminder of 2007 Slam Dunk Competition:

Filling up the other two slot would be Toronto Raptors's Jamario Moon and Memphis Grizzlies’ Rudy Gay. Jamario Moon is a former D-leaguer who signed for Toronto Raptors this season. He caught attention with several high-flying dunks which stunned the crowd and leave them chanting his names. His path to NBA has now been taken notice and is now inspiration to many D-leaguer who are trying to get into NBA. Rudy Gay is a rookie from Memphis Grizzlies who too has been dazzling the crowd with his thunderous dunks.

So to get a sneak preview of what we gonna get this year:

Top Ten Dunks of Dwight Howard

Top Ten Dunks of Gerald Green

Top Ten Dunks of Jamario Moon

Top Ten Dunks of Rudy Gay

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