Monday, January 28, 2008

Hooptube's Daily Dime: Ten Drops of NBA knowledge

1. Look at how Hedo Tukoglu finish off Boston Celtics right at the buzzer
2. Hedo talking about his tremendous game today
3. Cleveland VS Lakers. Watch how Anderson Varejio injured his ankle and Lakers giving away the victory to the Cavaliers
4. 41 pts for Lebron James
5. Despite Washington Wizard's Caron butler amazing jump shot bringing the game to Overtime, Bucks still managed to get the 'W'.
6. John Hollinger Power Ranking
7. What is wrong with Miami Heat?
8. Bill Walton interviews with Greg Oden. Watch Greg Oden goes through his rehab
9. Disappointing Sophomores
10.Play of the night: Hedo turkoglu for 3

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