Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hooptube's Star of the night: Ray Allen

Celtics are a tough tough team to beat nowadays. The three All-Star players all had each other back whenever one of them was having a tough time. Today was business as usual. Paul Pierce was having a poor shooting night with 3-11 FGM-A and a total of 12 pts. But Garnett was there with 26 points and Ray Allen went one up with 35 points.

R.Allen played a game-high of 42.24 mins. He was 12-20 FGM-A and 40%from 3pt range.

Allen, who scored 26 points in the second half on 9-of-13 shooting, wasn't about to get caught up in the excitement of his scoring.

"Every time I leave here I feel like I've left something out there on the table,'' he said. "I feel that way right now. There were some shots I should have knocked down.''

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