Sunday, February 17, 2008

All-Star Dunk Contest 2008 Recap

Finally, the contest and the hype surrounding it is over. Only one man truly puts his words where his mouth is,to bring something different to the table.

Dwight Howard - 2008 All-Star Dunk Champion

Rudy Gay and Jamario Moon, both were hyping up the contest via Youtube videos fall short in proceeding past the first round and it was left down to Gerald Green,2007 defending champion, vs Dwight Howard.

Many felt Dwight Howard were robbed of his 2007 dunk contest but this year he swore that he is gonna win this one for the 'Big Men'. And he certainly did it --- in style.

Howard wore a blue Superman tunic and red cape on a first-round alley-oop dunk after having electrified the crowd by slamming in a left-handed dunk after first bouncing the ball off the rear side of the backboard.

"People like to see that. They don't want to see the same old dunk. People want something with some spice," Howard said. "This year all the guys tried to bring some spice to the dunk contest."

Howard, who will start for the Eastern Conference in Sunday's 57th NBA All-Star Game, received perfect scores of 50 for both first-round dunks to advance while Memphis' Rudy Gay and Toronto's Jamario Moon were eliminated.

"The first one I've been working on it for about two years but I could never really get it down. I had my legs under me and got it down," Howard said.

"The Superman dunk, I wanted to get the crowd into it, put some of my personality in it with the Superman cape. To make the dunk after that was unbelievable. The cape and the Superman outfit, I think it really worked."

Gerald Green got some tricks up his sleeve too with this unbelivable Birthday's Cake Dunk.

However, he wasn't able to up the ante later on despite taking his shoes off for one of his dunk.

However, the whole event was a night to remember and had been the most fun Slam Dunk Contest i seen in a long long time.

Total Recap:

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