Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hooptube's Star of the night: David West

Talk about doing it all. David West can play post,run point adequately,posseses a nice shooting touch and is a dominant presence for the Hornets this season.

After an impressive form for the Hornets, David West was called up for the All-Star game. However, all was not swell for David West because critics were fiercely unimpressed by this call-up. They felt there were other more deserving player than West to be selected.

Davd West just kept his silence amongst the chaos and continue to play his game. Today, he brought his whole arsenal of skills to the Memphis game and promptly showed the media that the All-Star call-up was definitely not a fluke.

He scored 33 points and had ten rebounds. He was not stingy with his compliments too and was quick not to take all the credits.

"We've got the ability to score whether he's(Chris Paul) hitting or not,'' West said. "You've just got to give him opportunities to find you and he'll find you.''

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