Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hooptube's Star of the night: Leon Powe

Leon Powe with the last-second shot which won the game for the Celtics. This game was played at pulsating pace and an electrifying atmosphere due to the return of their prodigal son, Kevin Garnett. Sadly, he was unable to play due to injury. He was introduced ahead of the game and was promptly given a 2 min standing ovation. However, he returned to the dressing room to view the game and the attention was returned to the young Wolves team.

Al jefferson was hitting the board and being efficient as usual.Sebastian Telfair wasn't hitting his shot but was excellent in running the point, doing his fancy passes. Credits to this young team for sparring up to the Celtics who got Ray allen and Peirce carrying the team.

Nevertheless, there were only heartbreaks for Wolves when Leon Powe made the last bucket of the game just before the buzzer sounded. However, Wolves's fan should go home with a satisfied heart as they had witnessed tonight what their team is capable of and maybe with more time, this team could be the Blazers or the Hawks of this season.

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