Saturday, May 24, 2008

Spotlight: Lamar Odom's basketball shoes

Many individuals in the world commemorate certain events or people in their life in many sorts of ways. Some preferred to tattoo it down, while the milder one would write it down in their diaries. But if you are a famous athlete and has millions of people watching almost everyday, why not write it on your shoes? Yep and that's what many basketballer did. Chris Paul is one of them but today i'm just gonna touch on Lamar Odoms' shoes.

From the pics we can see,"Grandma" and "Baby J" written on it. There is a third one, "Cathy". "Grandma" was written to honor his grandmother who took care of him after his mom died. "Baby J" was to honor his son who died in infancy. And lastly, "Cathy" refers to his mom who died of cancer when he was only 12. Lamar Odom write their names on every new pair of basketball shoes he have.

"Cathy" written on Odom's "Kobe" shoes

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