Thursday, May 29, 2008

Spotlight: Michael Jordan And His Buzzer-Beaters

When we talk about clutch plays and buzz-beaters, we never leave this name out - Michael Jordan. His illustrious career were littered ( in a good sense ;) ) with classic and unforgettable buzzer-beaters. Of course the man is not invincible, he made some and he missed some.

HoopTube presents to you Jordan's Top Ten Buzzer-Beater:

Cool as a cucumber.... damn that's the best i can come up with :(

If anyone were to say he is a selfish ass who always hog the ball while the clock is ticking down, any Jordan fans would quickly remind them of the assists to Steve Kerr's game winning shot during the '97 NBA Finals.

Steve Kerr's Buzzer Beater

Kerr explaining why Jordan didnt took the crucial shot

Of course all good things gotta come to a end but Jordan had carved a career out of being a clutch player and he would not be forgotten.

inhale... exhale...

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