Thursday, January 31, 2008

Complete All Star Roster Announced

Chauncey Billups (Detroit)
Chris Bosh (Toronto)
Caron Butler (Washington)
Kevin Garnett (Boston)
Richard Hamilton (Detroit)
Dwight Howard (Orlando)
LeBron James (Cleveland)
Antawn Jamison (Washington)
Joe Johnson (Atlanta)
Jason Kidd (New Jersey)
Paul Pierce (Boston)
Dwyane Wade (Miami)
Head Coach: Doc Rivers (Boston)

Carmelo Anthony (Denver)
Carlos Boozer (Utah)
Kobe Bryant (L.A. Lakers)
Tim Duncan (San Antonio)
Allen Iverson (Denver)
Yao Ming (Houston)
Steve Nash (Phoenix)
Dirk Nowitzki (Dallas)
Chris Paul (New Orleans)
Brandon Roy (Portland)
Amaré Stoudemire (Phoenix)
David West (New Orleans)
Head Coach: Byron Scott (New Orleans)

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JJ Redick asked for trade

JJ Redick is sick of sitting on the bench and he is making it known by asking his agent to inquire about trade possibility.

He hasn't received much playing time because coach Stan Van Gundy believes fellow guards Maurice Evans and Keith Bogans are better at defense and rebounding, elements the Magic needs more than Redick's shooting proficiency at this point.

Van Gundy has been upfront with Redick, telling him there wasn't much hope for him getting off the bench the rest of this season. "Right now it would be very hard to fit him in," Van Gundy said. "I know it's also hard to keep sitting him on the bench. . . . Should we be playing him? Right now we're going good so we probably won't disrupt things."

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Rookie Challenge All-star Roster Announced

Rookie Challenge:
Mike Conley Memphis
Kevin Durant Seattle
Jeff Green Seattle
Al Horford Atlanta
Jamario Moon Toronto
Juan Carlos Navarro Memphis
Luis Scola Houston
Sean Williams New Jersey
Yi Jianlian Milwaukee

LaMarcus Aldridge Portland
Andrea Bargnani Toronto
Ronnie Brewer Utah
Jordan Farmar L.A. Lakers
Rudy Gay Memphis
Daniel Gibson Cleveland
Paul Millsap Utah
Rajon Rondo Boston
Brandon Roy Portland

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Hooptube's Star of the Day: Lebron James

LeBron James scored 17 of his 37 points in the fourth and won the game in the final seconds with a driving layup.

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Sebastian Telfair Flashy One-handed No-look Pass

Watch as Sebastian Telfair whips the nice left-handed pass to Ryan Gomes who lays it in.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hooptube's Quote of the day : Richard Jefferson

Maybe it will distract us from losing. That's my theory. Maybe it'll take some pressure off the team and just be like 'Hey, you know what? Let's just go play basketball and have some fun out there.' Maybe it will distract us from losing all these damn games."

-- Nets forward Richard Jefferson speaking about the Jason Kidd trade talk before Tuesday's win over Milwaukee at IZOD Center.

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Hooptube's Star of the night : Yao Ming

Watch as Yao Ming scored 36 points, including eight in the final 2 1/2 minutes, to lift the Rockets over the Warriors on Tuesday.

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Amazing 3-point Shot by Anthony Parker

Watch Anthony Parker amazing 3pt shot which bring the game to OT.

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NBA Top Ten Plays 29th jan

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Chris Webber Q & A With Matt Steinmetz

Why did Chris Webber decided to go Warriors? Can he keep up with Warriors's running style? All answered here from the man himself.

Steinmetz: How did all this come about?

Webber: At the beginning of the season I knew I was going to take a break to be with my family. I wanted to wait until later to think about where I wanted to go. Early on in the season I got a call from the Warriors, but I didn’t take it too serious. A month or so ago, they pursued me and let me know how much they wanted me, that it would be a good marriage and a good fit. Nellie and Mully won me over with their persistence.

Steinmetz: Don Nelson answered “Yes,” when asked if he thought he could coach you again. I assume you would say “Yes,” when asked if you could play for him again. Why?

Webber: Because it has never been a question of him being a good coach or not. His skills as a coach are obvious. To me, personally, we’re both older, more mature. It won’t be a problem. He’s a guy who has been very innovative in terms of how he coaches. We were the league leaders in scoring my rookie year and they’re doing the same things now. Nellie is a good coach.

Steinmetz:Seemed like you had more than one option, why the Warriors?

Webber:I thought it would be a great fit. I BELIEVE in the team. I love the fans and the area and am familiar with the situation. Nellie and Mully also made it clear to me that they still believe in me and my abilities.

Steinmetz:What can you bring to the table?

Webber:Definitely, I think I can help make everybody better. I’ve always prided myself on that. That’s who I am. I’m a veteran that can help with leadership, distributing the ball, scoring, rebounding. Whatever is needed to help this team continue to succeed, and all of which are things that I have done throughout my entire career.

The court of public opinion is offering plenty of pros and cons to this move, one of the cons involving chemistry and how you might affect it? How would you address that?

I think that my career speaks for itself and shows the type of player I am. I have never had a teammate who didn’t enjoy playing with me. There are always going to be skeptics, but chemistry will definitely not be an issue.

Another concern would be whether or not you can keep up with the Warriors’ running style. Can you?

Now, that’s a fair criticism. I’m older, I’ve had problems with my knee. I’ll have to prove that with time. You can always be in shape, though. After a couple of games, we’ll be able to tell.

How can you help the Warriors in the halfcourt?

I can help by calming the pace down, working in the post, being a facilitator to get guys easy shots and not have to work extra hard for everything.

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Hooptube's Player Spotlight: Al Jefferson

Al Jefferson is a rare breed in NBA nowadays. I'm not just talking about his superb low-post skills but his humble attitude towards money. It is so common to see players choosing rather to sit on the bench due to contractual reasons, hoping to squeeze that extra few millions out of the team.

Three months ago, Al Jefferson signed a five-year, $65 million contract extension in November but could have gotten the max deal if he had persisted in his contract signing. He was then asked why he didnt go for more money.

"I didn't even think I was worth max (money) this year anyway,"Jefferson replied.

Fast forward til three months later, this humility became more glaring than ever. Al Jefferson has evolved into a superstar franchise player.

in his first year in Minnesota since coming over from Boston in the Kevin Garnett trade, Jefferson is one of only two players in the NBA who is averaging at least 20 points and 12 rebounds per game. He was simply unstoppable last week, when his Timberwolves finally started showing some signs of progress in what has been a painful start to the rebuilding process.

The Wolves (8-35) have won three of four. In those three victories -- at Golden State and against Phoenix and New Jersey -- Jefferson averaged 33.3 points and 15.3 rebounds to earn Western Conference Player of the Week honors.

"Man, I knew Al was a good player and I knew he was going to become a great player," said point guard Sebastian Telfair, who played one year in Boston with Jefferson before coming to Minnesota with him in the trade. "But seeing his growth right now, the way he's playing defense a lot better, he's rebounding the ball, becoming a leader on the court. He's just becoming a superstar right now."

However, the only bad spot in his career this season might be his no-show at the All-star. The main reason is of course due to his team blatantly bad record. Jefferson certainly is making a strong push for a trip to New Orleans. He is averaging 27 points and 13.5 rebounds in the last six games, and his Timberwolves have improved right along with him.
After losing 31 of their first 36 games, the Wolves are four points away from riding a five-game winning streak into Tuesday night's game at Chicago. They lost by three at Denver on Jan. 19 and by one to Garnett's Celtics in Boston on Friday, when Jefferson had his only "quiet" game of the stretch -- 15 points and five rebounds.

He had 39 points and 15 rebounds in the win over the Suns on Wednesday, then topped that career high while fighting through double- and triple-teams against the Nets on Sunday. The 6-foot-10, 265-pounder had 40 points and 19 rebounds, and hit the game-clinching free throws, as the Wolves rallied from a 15-point fourth-quarter deficit to beat New Jersey.

"He's come a long way this year," coach Randy Wittman said. "It's not easy coming from a situation where you might be the second or third option and now you're wanting to carry some of the load. He's handled that pretty good."

And it's easy to forget that he's only 23 years old. In his fourth full season out of Prentiss High School in Mississippi, Jefferson's low-post game already rivals that of most players in the league.

Pair that with a voice so deep it makes Barry White sound like a soprano, and Telfair is left to wonder if Jefferson really is as young as he says he is.

"He's an alien. Al might be about 31," Telfair said playfully. "I have to talk to his parents about that. That's why he don't carry a driver's license all the time. Al might be 31. He went to college in Mexico."

Jefferson responds with a big chuckle that starts in his belly, rises through his shoulders and bellows out of his mouth as he tips his head back.

"I get that a lot. I got that a lot growing up, too," he said. "You have to grow up fast in this league. Look at what LeBron James is doing at 23. You have to grow up real fast."

Wittman is quick to point out that Jefferson still has a lot to learn, especially defensively. Yet it only seems like a matter of time before Jefferson becomes a fixture at the midseason showcase -- right there with LeBron -- and helps validate the trade that sent the beloved KG to Boston.

It could come sooner rather than later, when the All-Star reserves are chosen by the coaches later this week.

"It's up to the coaches," Jefferson said. "If they get me in, I'll be happy. If not, I'll use that as motivation."

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Hooptube's Quote of the night: Chris Paul

"The only thing that's on my mind right now, to tell you the truth, is to get my coaches in the All-Star Game. I'm looking at the standings all day, every day. I think that would be the greatest feeling for me if [Byron Scott] could coach in that game."
-- Hornets guard Chris Paul after New Orleans' win on Monday.

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Hooptube's Star of the night: Chris Paul

Chris Paul had 23 points, 17 assists, and nine rebounds, and the Hornets ran away with their ninth-straight win, 117-93, over the Nuggets on Monday.

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NBA Top Ten Plays [28th Jan]

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Hooptube's Daily Dime: Ten Drop of NBA Knowledge

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The "Kidd" finally leaving Nets

What?? Jason Kidd is leaving Vince Carter and Richard Jefferson for greener pasture?? You gotta be kidding me.. Where can you find a better pairing of slasher than VC and RJ (ok there's could be a few pair out there better but VC is a proven All-Star and RJ is having a career year)?

Indeed something is wrong with the Nets. From a premier playoff contender a few seasons ago to a inconsistent performing team, Jason Kidd had stuck with the Nets. So what exactly made Jason Kidd snapped and asked for a trade? It seems that for all the loyalty he can summon, the temptation of wearing a NBA ring before retiring consumed him.

"It used to be if I got a triple-double, that was an automatic win," he said. "That's just not the case now. We tried to make this work. We've found out it doesn't. It's time for us all to move on."

Kidd confirmed that his agent, Jeff Schwartz, has talked to Nets' management about moving him by the Feb. 21 trade deadline, but he categorized the conversation as a continuation of something that started last All-Star break, when the Nets nearly dealt him to the Lakers for a package of players that included Lamar Odom and Kwame Brown. The sticking point was that Nets president Rod Thorn wanted Andrew Bynum and the Lakers refused.

Teams like Dallas and Denver are already in contact with the Nets according to sources.

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Almost a done deal for Chris Webber and Warriors

Chris Webber has officially declared that he is going to join Warriors and the only thing left is inking the contract which will be done in Oakland on Tuesday.

Although there is widespread skepticism regarding Webber's ability to keep up with Nelson's run-and-gunners -- given the mobility issues that have hampered the 34-year-old since a serious knee injury in the 2003 playoffs and subsequent microfracture surgery -- Nelson insists that the Warriors need Webber's passing and midrange game to get them unstuck when the game slows down or their countless 3-pointers aren't dropping.

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Hooptube's Daily Dime: Ten Drops of NBA knowledge

1. Look at how Hedo Tukoglu finish off Boston Celtics right at the buzzer
2. Hedo talking about his tremendous game today
3. Cleveland VS Lakers. Watch how Anderson Varejio injured his ankle and Lakers giving away the victory to the Cavaliers
4. 41 pts for Lebron James
5. Despite Washington Wizard's Caron butler amazing jump shot bringing the game to Overtime, Bucks still managed to get the 'W'.
6. John Hollinger Power Ranking
7. What is wrong with Miami Heat?
8. Bill Walton interviews with Greg Oden. Watch Greg Oden goes through his rehab
9. Disappointing Sophomores
10.Play of the night: Hedo turkoglu for 3

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Did Scott Skiles fire himself?

Scott Skiles was fired briefly after telling the management team that Bulls "needed a new voice".

"Something didn't mesh right this year," team chairman Jerry Reinsdorf said in an interview scheduled to air Sunday night on WGN-TV. "Scott came to us eventually and said, 'I think the team needs a new voice.' ... Scott realized that he wasn't getting through to them. It was time to do something else."

The team fired Skiles on Dec. 24 and replaced him on an interim basis with assistant Jim Boylan.

"Scott's a dedicated professional," Boylan said before Chicago's game Sunday against the Suns. "He'd never quit on the team. I think Scott's realistic and he sees what's going on around him and he's not afraid of the truth."

"Sometimes, when things aren't going well, there's a reason for that. ... Whatever conversations he had with Jerry, that's a private conversation between those two guys. That really doesn't have anything to do with me."

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Reunion for Chris webber and Don Nelson??

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) -- Coach Don Nelson wants to bring free agent forward Chris Webber back to Golden State, nearly 14 years after a feud ended their first stint together.

"I hope that it happens to be quite honest with you," Nelson said Sunday before the Warriors beat the New York Knicks 106-104. "I think our team needs it."

Webber was acquired by the Warriors in a draft day trade with Orlando in 1993 after becoming just the second sophomore ever to be the top pick in the NBA draft. He won the Rookie of the Year award and made the playoffs in his only season in Golden State.

But Webber clashed with Nelson and demanded a trade before his second season, and was eventually dealt to Washington in November 1994 for Tom Gugliotta and three first-round picks. At the time, Webber cited unhappiness over Nelson's sometimes abrasive coaching style as a main reason for his wanting out of Golden State.

Nelson was fired shortly after the trade, only to be brought back as Warriors coach last season. Golden State didn't make the playoffs for 12 seasons after Webber was traded, ending the drought last season. Nelson said he and Webber have talked over the years and that both men have matured since their feud more than a decade ago.

"I've learned over the years," Nelson said. "I've softened a bit through some of the experiences I've had. I look back at the time when Chris and I were here early in our careers. We were both pretty stubborn and I was maybe too tough and he was too young to see the positives I was trying to bring to the table. I've learned and I think he has, too. Hey, I'm an old man and he's an old player."

Webber has not played in an NBA game since the Detroit Pistons lost to Cleveland in last season's Eastern Conference finals. The Pistons did not bring Webber back this season and he has been looking for a team to join.

Webber averaged 11.2 points, 7.2 rebounds and 3.1 assists last season with Philadelphia and Detroit. He bristled at his reduced role in the postseason, when he averaged 9.9 points and 6.3 rebounds in 25.3 minutes per game.

"I would love to have Chris Webber," Golden State's Stephen Jackson said. "I'm not sure if it will happen or not but if he comes here we'll definitely welcome him with open arms. He's a great player and I'd love to have him. We'll see what happens."

Webber is no longer the dynamic player he was in his first stint with the Warriors, having worn down during a 14-year career that included microfracture surgery on his knee in 2003. Webber was one of the top power forwards in the game during his 6 1/2 years in Sacramento, leading the Kings to the conference finals in 2002.

He remains one of the game's best passing big men, a skill Nelson believes the Warriors are severely lacking. Nelson has mostly played just two big men all season, with Andris Biedrins and Al Harrington sharing the load inside.

Golden State is tied with Denver for sixth place in the Western Conference with a 27-18 record but only had a half-game lead over Portland and Utah, who are tied for eighth.

Nelson said he's not afraid that adding Webber could disrupt the chemistry on a team that made it to the second round of the playoffs a year ago.

"I'm afraid if we don't get him here our team is not strong enough to be a playoff team," Nelson said. "That's my biggest fear. I think if he comes, it can benefit our team, it can benefit his and my relationship, it can benefit players on this team. I think he has a chance to make some of our players better and make our team better. Really that's all that's important. I'll get along with anybody who can help our team."

Credit to AP

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Hooptube's Quote of the Day: George Karl

"Not many nights when you lose do you make positive steps, and I thought we made positive steps."
-- George Karl comments on Denver's progression without Carmelo Anthony during Sunday's loss in Dallas.

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Isiah Thomas's son charged with underage drinking

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (AP) -- New York Knicks coach Isiah Thomas' 19-year-old son has been arrested for underage drinking.

Joshua Isiah Thomas was charged with illegal consumption of alcohol and being a minor in a tavern, both Class C misdemeanors; and disorderly conduct, a Class B misdemeanor, early Tuesday morning, according to Bloomington police.

The younger Thomas is a student at Indiana University, where his father won a national championship in 1981. Joshua Thomas doesn't play basketball at the school.

Thomas and two friends were at the bar Kilroy's on Kirkwood when Thomas attempted to order a drink and started talking with another man, according to the police report. Thomas told police the man punched him, causing a laceration above the right eye.

Other witnesses said Thomas was hit with a beer bottle.

Thomas was taken to a hospital, and police were called around 1:20 a.m. Tuesday. Officers said Thomas appeared intoxicated, with slurred speech and bloodshot eyes. He became irate and started shouting obscenities at officers at the hospital, after his friends got into an argument with police.

Thomas told officers he wanted to pursue criminal charges if they found the man who hit him.

The Knicks have said Isiah Thomas won't comment on the case.

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NBA Top Ten Plays[26th Jan]

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hooptube's Spotlight of the Day: Kobe Bryant

He was the youngest NBA player ever to play in an All-Star Game at age 19. Fast forward to 2008, Kobe Bryant will make the 10th NBA All-Star Game appearance of his career next month. Let's take a look down memory lane and watch Kobe first stepped on the All-Star court at Madison Square garden( his favourite stomping ground ).

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Will Shaq be coming to All-Star??

If Shaq manages to join the All-Star game this year, it would be his 15th consecutive time. However, his sore left hip might be keeping him out this time. Shaq had only been able to play 10 game so far this season due to injury.

"I wanted to come back. I wanted to be out there with the guys,'' said O'Neal, who doesn't know if he'll need to return to Los Angeles for more treatment. "But (the treatment) worked. It definitely worked.''

Shaq had always been a fan favourite during the All-Star games due to his crazy antics on and off court. Who could forget the danceoff between him, dwight howard and lebron james?

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Hooptube's All Star Special: Allen Iverson

Inside the mind of Allen Iverson

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Hooptube's All Star Special: Kobe Bryant

Inside the Mind of Kobe Bryant

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Hooptube's Spotlight of the Day: Portland TrailBlazers

The most misleading statistic in the NBA can be found on the fifth page of Portland's nightly game notes.

"With an average age of 24 years and 26 days on opening night," it reads, "Portland's roster is the youngest team in the NBA, the youngest team in Trail Blazers history and the third-youngest team to ever suit up in the NBA."

Yeah, right. Young? They expect us to believe that?

Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images
Is that really the face of a 20-year-old rookie?
Have you seen Greg Oden, the guy they try to pass off as a 20-year-old rookie?....Read More

Credit to J.A. Adande(

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Hooptube's All Star Special: Rudy Gay wants your dunk!

What kind of jam would you like with that?

Memphis Grizzlies forward Rudy Gay is inviting basketball players to suggest what kind of dunk he should deliver at the dunk contest at All-Star 2008. Gay is asking basketball players from across the globe to upload footage demonstrating their best dunk on the "RudyGay22SlamDunk" page of ( where he will ultimately pick his favorite and attempt to replicate it in the Feb. 16 dunk-off.

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Hooptube's All Star Special: Yao Ming

Inside the mind of Yao Ming

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Hooptube's All Star Special: Dwyane Wade

Inside the mind of Dwyane Wade

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Hooptube's All Star Special: Tim Duncan

Inside the mind of Tim Duncan

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Hooptube's All Star Special: Lebron James

Inside the mind of Lebron James

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Hooptube's All Star Special: Jason Kidd

Inside the mind of Jason Kidd

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Hooptube's All Star Special: Dwight Howard

Inside the mind of Dwight Howard

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Kobe speaks about the Lakers Seasons

After the infamous rant about wanting to be traded and the "trade bynum" incident during the off-season, Kobe speaks about life with Lakers now.

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NBA Daily Dime: 10 drops of NBA Knowledge

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NBA Top Ten Plays[24th Jan]

NBA TV Top 10: Jan. 24
Check out Thursday’s Top 10 plays, including a pair of fantastic reverse layups from Vince Carter and Dorell Wright.

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Hooptube's Quote of the day: Bruce Bowen

"We don't look at it as luck. Luck only happens in horseshoes.''
-- Spurs forward Bruce Bowen on his first-quarter miss in the Spurs' win over the Heat that skipped off Dorell Wright's hands and through the rim. The basket was credited to the Spurs' Fabricio Oberto.

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Hooptube's Star of the day: Baron Davis

Hooptube's Star of the night: Baron Davis
Uploaded by p0lar

Monta Ellis scored a career high 39 points but this is not gonna wipe the shine off Baron Davis who exploded with his eighth triple-double of 25 points, 10 assists and 12rebounds.

Another of his honourable mention would be his 5 steals and only 2 turnovers.

Warriors was having a 13-point lead in the fourth quarter before they totally blew it. But Baron Davis been the Baron Davis as we knew him wouldn't allow this victory to slip away from the Warriors.And the crowd certainly chipped in with ways of their own.

"It is exciting basketball, especially when we go on runs like that, and our crowd gets into it,'' said Davis, who has four triple-doubles with the Warriors. "You can feel the energy, and you know something special is happening. We're just trying to learn how to be consistent, and playing against a great defensive team like that will help us.''

"It really took them out of their rhythm, and it didn't allow them to move the ball,'' Davis said. "It forced them to stand there. They could never really establish that rhythm until we got way up.''

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Skin Overhaul!!!!

Hooptube.blogspot would be going through some major skin overhaul over the next few days. So i wouldn't be updating as much as i would be racking my brain over the coding of the website. Anyway, i will try to get the skin over and done with ASAP and will start updating the site regularly again.

1.All-Stars are coming!! Look out for articles and videos following up to and after the All-Stars games.
2.Vote for your MVP over at the Poll section right now---------------->

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Kobe 81 Pts

We witness a history in the making...

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hooptube's All Star's Special: Sprite Slam Dunk Competition

This year slam dunk competition is almost guranteed to be one of the most exciting slam dunk competition in recent years. Every participant had lighted up the NBA with spectacular and monstrous dunks this season. Who could forget Dwight Howard in 2007 Slam Dunk contest when he cheekily pasted a sticker of himself on the top of the board after slamming it home, or the defending champion Gerald Green covering his eyes with one arm and slamming it over Nate Robinson.

Just a reminder of 2007 Slam Dunk Competition:

Filling up the other two slot would be Toronto Raptors's Jamario Moon and Memphis Grizzlies’ Rudy Gay. Jamario Moon is a former D-leaguer who signed for Toronto Raptors this season. He caught attention with several high-flying dunks which stunned the crowd and leave them chanting his names. His path to NBA has now been taken notice and is now inspiration to many D-leaguer who are trying to get into NBA. Rudy Gay is a rookie from Memphis Grizzlies who too has been dazzling the crowd with his thunderous dunks.

So to get a sneak preview of what we gonna get this year:

Top Ten Dunks of Dwight Howard

Top Ten Dunks of Gerald Green

Top Ten Dunks of Jamario Moon

Top Ten Dunks of Rudy Gay

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Larry Brown got spied??

Brown says Knicks spied on him

Coaching the New York Knicks made Larry Brown feel like he was being watched.

Brown accused the Knicks of having "spies throughout the arena" during his one season with the team in a story in the February issue of Philadelphia magazine.

Brown also complained about the way he was treated by the organization.

"Imagine when you get to work, they don't talk to you," he said. "They had security people standing close to me in press conferences, and spies throughout the arena."

Brown coached the Knicks to a 23-59 record during the 2005-06 season, one of the worst in franchise history. But his firing had more to do with his refusal to follow Madison Square Garden's strict media policies than his poor won-loss record.

Brown publicly criticized his players, especially Stephon Marbury, and gave roadside interviews to the team's beat writers after the season. Garden policy requires a coach talking to the media to have a public relations official present.

Because he violated the policies, MSG chairman James Dolan refused to pay the remaining four years and about $40 million that remained on Brown's contract. Instead, they settled for $18.5 million after hearings with NBA commissioner David Stern.

Madison Square Garden declined to comment on Brown's claims.

Brown has since returned to Philadelphia, serving as an executive vice president with the 76ers. He led the Sixers to the NBA finals in 2001.

He said he had no interest in replacing current coach Maurice Cheeks because he "could never stab Mo in the back like that."

"I still want to coach," Brown said. "I don't want to coach here. I don't want it to end the way it did in New York. I don't wish that on anybody."

Credits to New York(AP)

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NBA: Phoenix Suns vs Milwaukee Bucks

Phoenix Suns 114 - 105 Milwaukee Bucks

Nash Scores 37 as Suns Tops Bucks

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ZaZa Pachulia suspended for one game

The Atlanta Hawks have suspended center/forward Zaza Pachulia for tomorrow night’s game at Denver for conduct detrimental to the team, according to Executive Vice President and General Manager Billy Knight.

Pachulia’s absence from the team will only pertain to Wednesday’s game against the Nuggets, and he will be available to play at Seattle on Friday, January 25.

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Hooptube's Quote of the day: Doc Rivers

“It was five of us. All of us running our mouths instead of playing basketball. You don't need to run your mouth. I wasn't happy with that."
-- Doc Rivers, coach of the Celtics and East All-Stars, on his players' trash-talking in Monday's win at New York.

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Hooptube's Star of the day : Yao Ming

Tracy Mcgrady was playing with pain in the knee and this fixture was tricky for the Houston. However, Yao Ming made it easy for the Rockets. Yao MIng score 30 points and grab 17 rebound to lead Houston pass Supersonics. He was 12-19 FGM-A and 6-9 from the FT.

Yao hit 12 of 19 shots in reaching 30 points for the seventh time this season.

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Hooptube's Game of the day: Blazers Vs Hawks

Trail Blazers 111 - 109 Atlanta Hawks

Travis Outlaw sank a long jumper with one second left in overtime to lift the Portland Trail Blazers over the Atlanta Hawks 111-109 Monday.

Guarded by Josh Smith, Outlaw held the ball outside the 3-point line until under 5 seconds remained. Then Outlaw took a couple of dribbles inside the circle before pulling up and making the jumper.

Joe Johnson, who scored 37 points, missed a last-second shot for Atlanta.

Outlaw led Portland with 23 points. Brandon Roy added 18 and Sergio Rodriguez had 16.

The Hawks trailed 96-89 with 3:50 left in regulation but came back at the free-throw line. The Hawks scored 11 straight points on free throws to pull even at 100 with 31.9 seconds left. Johnson made the Hawks' last six free throws in the rally.

After a Portland timeout, Roy dribbled almost 20 seconds off the clock before missing a driving layup against Johnson. Al Horford grabbed the rebound for Atlanta, which called a timeout with 11.2 seconds left to set up a last shot, but a miss by Johnson led to overtime.

Outlaw scored the first four points of overtime on a hook and a jumper, but Smith helped keep Atlanta close. Smith's steal and assist set up a basket by Johnson, and Smith added another assist to set up a jam by Marvin Williams that left the teams tied at 107.

Following two free throws by Outlaw, the Hawks missed four shots but created another possession when Smith stole the ball from Outlaw.

Williams, fouled by LaMarcus Aldridge, made two free throws for another tie at 109 with 19 seconds left.

Tyronn Lue had 18 points and Smith had 17 points and 17 rebounds. Williams and Josh Childress each added 11.

Portland improved to 3-3 on its seven-game trip through the Eastern Conference.

The Hawks, who have lost three straight, head west for five straight road games, beginning with a visit to Denver on Wednesday. The Hawks play at Portland on Sunday.

The Trail Blazers won their sixth straight in Atlanta.

Hawks rookie Acie Law made his sixth start and had 7 points and 5 assists. Atlanta's regular point guard, Anthony Johnson, served a one-game suspension for his flagrant two foul against Toronto's Toronto's Jose Calderon on Friday.

Johnson's suspension also cleared more playing time for Lue, who had 13 points in the first half while making each of his three 3-point attempts.

Rodriguez countered with 10 first-half points off Portland's bench to help the Trail Blazers lead 54-50 at halftime.

Law hit a 3-pointer and then set up a basket for Al Horford as the Hawks opened the second half with a 9-0 run. It was Law's first 3-pointer in eight games, earning the rookie a bear hug from Smith on the way off the floor on a Portland timeout.

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NBA Top Ten Plays[21th Jan]

Sebastien Telfair showing some And1 moves. Flashy.

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Best of Lebron James[2007]

Best Of Lebron James in Year 2007

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Patrick Ewing Can't Imagine Where He'd Be Without Martin Luther King

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Bill Walton Praises Dr. King for his Everlasting and Universal Message

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Hooptube's Star of the day : Amare Stoudemire

Amare filled up the stats sheet with 28 points, 9 rebounds, 1 assists, 2 steals, 3 block shots.

Amare was simply quite unstoppable tonight. Stoudemire scored 10 consecutive Phoenix points. His dunk on a feed from Nash made it 73-60 with 5:53 left in the third.

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NBA: New Jersey Nets vs Phoenix Suns

New Jersey Nets 92 - 116 Phoenix Suns

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hooptube's Player's Spotlight : LaMarcus Aldridge

5 Reasons LaMarcus Aldridge will be an All-Star by 2010

5. He's the second coming of Rasheed Wallace. Though the 6-foot-11 Aldridge is averaging a prodigious 17.9 points and 7.5 rebounds as a 22-year-old NBA sophomore with Portland, his future became sharply focused when he was matched up against former Trail Blazer Wallace in November. "We have the same turnaround shot, the same high release, we both can spread the defense,'' Aldridge said. "We do the same moves. When he played here....Read More

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NBA : Houston Rockets, San Antonio Spurs

San Antonio Spurs 81 - 83 Houston Rockets

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NBA: Seattle SuperSonics vs Dallas Mavericks

Seattle SuperSonics 96 - 111 Dallas Mavericks
Tough night for Kevin Durant

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NBA : New Jersey Nets vs Los Angeles Clippers OT

New Jersey Nets 107 - 120 Los Angeles Clippers OT

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NBA Top Ten Plays [19th Jan]

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Hooptube's Quote of the day: Mikki Moore

"He heard the boo-birds, but he's mentally tough. If it does faze him, it's not going to affect the whole game. He'll brush it off and keep going.”
-- Kings forward Mikki Moore on teammate Ron Artest's ability to get past the response from fans in Indiana and Detroit to play dependable basketball.

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

NBA: LA Clippers vs Utah Jazz

Los Angeles Clippers 88 - 106 Utah Jazz

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NBA: Golden State Warriors vs Chicago Bulls

Golden State Warriors 119 - 111 Chicago Bulls

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NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves vs Phoenix Suns

Minnesota Timberwolves 95 - 115 Phoenix Suns

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NBA: Charlotte Bobcats vs New Orleans Hornets

Bobcats 84 - 112 Hornets

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Hooptube's Star Of the Day: Baron Davis

Baron Davis torches the Chicago Bulls with career high of 40 pts. He was 6-8 from the 3 pt range and 8-8 from the free throw line. He was game-high in mins played, clocking 45.24 mins.

Davis was 5-for-5 on 3-pointers in the third quarter, scoring 19 points in the period as the Warriors erased a 12-point deficit.

"I did it in the United Center. That was sweet,'' Davis said Friday night after leading Golden State past the Chicago Bulls, 119-111.

"I scored 40 in the United Center,'' he added. "I felt like (Michael) Jordan out there.''

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Chris Paul SOTN

Watch Chris Paul anticipate a move by Ryan Hollins for the steal and finish off the play with a two-handed jam.

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NBA Top Ten Plays[18th jan]

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Hooptube Quote of the day

“To me, he's just like a puppy. You get your puppy, you pet him, you play with him, he's fun. And you wake up the next day and he ate your best pair of shoes and you have to deal with that. After you deal with that, he's still your puppy, you love him and that's the way he is.”
-- Bulls coach Jim Boylan on the recent disruptions involving rookie Joakim Noah.

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NBA Top Ten Plays of the Week

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NBA popularity in China

Basketball craze has officially hit China

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Hooptube's Player's Spotlight: Rafer Alston

Rafer Alston is a guard currently playing for Houston Rockets. He is better known as "Skip to my Lou" due to his tendency to skip while dribbling the ball upcourt. Of course all these were things of the past when he was still in the And1 Mixtape tour. As much as a legend he was on the playground court, he wasn't as prolific as a professional basketballer. Hence, there was little report or story about his life and upbringing.

However there was this article that was in New York Times in 1994!!

The article tells the tale of a tough home situation:

[His mother] was studying day and night to be a nurse and was not always a fixture in the household. As for his father, he was dabbling again in the streets and needed money to support his addiction. He stole Rafer's Michael Jordan rookie card, among other belongings, and sold them. "Some of what you heard is true, mostly the substance abuse," Richard Alston said. "I had a falling out with Rafer."

According to Rafer's confidants, the boy's complaint was that his mother did not kick his father out, and Rafer's revenge turned out to be self-destructive. Rather than reading and writing, he rolled dice...... Read More

Credit to NYtimes

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Bulls rookie Curry arrested for urinating in public

Chicago Bulls rookie JamesOn Curry has been arrested in Boise and charged with misdemeanor counts of urinating in public and resisting arrest.

Police arrested Curry early Thursday morning and took him to the Ada County Jail. He was released a few hours later after posting $600 bond.

Curry has until February 7 to make a plea, and then must be in Boise again for either a jury trial or sentencing.

The 6-foot-3 Curry is a guard and second-round draft pick of the Bulls last year. The 22-year-old has been assigned to the Bulls' NBA Development League team, the Iowa Energy.

All 14 of the league's teams have been in Boise this week taking part in the NBA D-League Showcase.

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Hooptube's Star of the Day: Steve Nash

Despite shooting 5-15 FGM-a, Steve Nash does what he does best: Pass the ball into a scorer's hand. He posted a season-high of 20 assists.

"You can't make shots every night, but you can try to move the ball well,'' said Nash, who had more than half of his team's 37 assists. "I think our team, with all the shooters we have, if we move the ball well, we're going to have a nice night.

"It's just spacing and reading the defense, and then guys stepping up with confidence and shooting when they're open.''

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Hooptube's Quote of the Day

"They both felt good. They just didn't go in. I shoot 200 free throws every day. They just didn't go in.''-- Spurs guard Tony Parker on missing a pair of free throws with 29.4 seconds to play that would have tied the game at 90 in the Spurs' loss to the Cavaliers.

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NBA: Utah Jazz Vs Denver Nuggets

Utah 109- 120 Nuggets

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NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers Vs San Antonio Spurs

Cav 90 - 88 Spurs

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NBA: Phoenix Suns Vs La Lakers

Suns 106 - 98 Lakers

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NBA Top Ten Play [17th Jan]

This edition comprises of a couple monster blocks.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hooptube's Player's Spotlight: Jamario Moon

Watch Jamario Moon talks about his tough journey into the NBA.

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Jason Kidd honored by USA Basketball

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO. (AP) -- Jason Kidd, 44-0 in international competition, is the USA Basketball male athlete of the year.

Kidd helped the Americans qualify for the 2008 Olympics, as the U.S. team rolled to a 10-0 mark at the FIBA Americas tournament.

Starting nine games, the New Jersey point guard averaged only 1.8 points, 3.3 reb... Read more

Credit to

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Good news for Nene

Following Nene's testicular tumor removal, biopsy results have been encouraging, though he still awaits the results of more biopsies, which should come later this week.

"It sounds like it could have been a whole lot worse," Denver center Marcus Camby said. "We're definitely praying and hoping everything is all right with him."

After a film session Wednesday, coach George Karl sounded cautiously optimistic.

"I think there will be some good information.... Read More

Credit to Denver Post.

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Tinsley is suspended and not injured

The Pacers suspended Jamaal Tinsley for Wednesday night's game against Golden State following an incident during a film session one day earlier, The Star has learned. What exactly happened during the session is unknown. However, coach Jim O'Brien said prior to Wednesday's game that Tinsley would sit out because of an injured knee.

Credit to Indianapolis Star

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Hooptube's Quote of the night

"Our turnovers were mindless and mindboggling. You've got to be able to handle the ball.''-- Magic coach Stan Van Gundy on his team committing 18 turnovers and surrendering a 19-point lead to the Bobcats on Wednesday.

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Hoopstube's Assist of the night: Chris Paul

Chris Paul thread the needle with this superb pass.

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NBA Top Ten Plays [16th Jan 2008]

My favourite play gotta be D. Wade splitting the defence and dunking it home but Gerald Wallace monstrous block on Dwight Howard was not far behind.

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Hooptube's Star of the night: Ray Allen

Celtics are a tough tough team to beat nowadays. The three All-Star players all had each other back whenever one of them was having a tough time. Today was business as usual. Paul Pierce was having a poor shooting night with 3-11 FGM-A and a total of 12 pts. But Garnett was there with 26 points and Ray Allen went one up with 35 points.

R.Allen played a game-high of 42.24 mins. He was 12-20 FGM-A and 40%from 3pt range.

Allen, who scored 26 points in the second half on 9-of-13 shooting, wasn't about to get caught up in the excitement of his scoring.

"Every time I leave here I feel like I've left something out there on the table,'' he said. "I feel that way right now. There were some shots I should have knocked down.''

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

HoopsTube's Player Spotlight: Kevin Durant

The weight and strength will come. The talent and intuition are already there. So what is the biggest modification Kevin Durant is undergoing in his rookie year?

In one year he has leapt from being a freshman at Texas to becoming one of those rare pros who is ..... Read More

Credit to Ian Thomsen

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HoopsTube's News: The H-O-R-S-E is back

For the sake for those who doesn't share the excitement as me, I would give a quick explanation of H-O-R-S-E. It is a game beween a group of players where each individual players does a particular basketball trick or shoot from anywhere from the court. If he/she managed to score the basket after doing the trick, the players after him/her would have to follow that exact trick. Failure to do so would means accumulating an alphabet starting from "H". If you had accumulated the whole word 'Horse', you lose.

The thought of elite NBA players bringing out their bags of tricks simple spurs my anticipation for this event to happen.However, this 'HORSE' event would be hold in this All-Star Weekend's Friday night festivities but only for the D-league All-Star.

An official role of the D-League is to experiment with things the NBA is considering doing.

Let's hope everything turn out well and we might be seeing Vince teeing up Kobe with dunks in the near future.

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Zach Randoplh begged Isiah Thomas to trade him

Fast forward to 2.00 min

ESPN's Chris Broussard has sources saying that Zach Randolph stood in the locker room last Friday, in front of all his teammates, and begged Isiah Thomas to trade him.

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NBA Top Ten Plays [ 15th Jan 2008 ]

NBA Top Ten Plays [ 15th Jan 2008 ]
Video sent by p0lar

NBA Top Ten Plays on 15th Jan 2008. I love the floater by Juan Carlos Navarro. Simply brilliant

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The Best of Kobe 2007

The Best of Kobe 2007
Video sent by p0lar

The Best of Kobe Bryant in year 2007

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HoopsTube's UnderDogs of the night

New York Knicks

Nowadays Knicks seems to be the underdog for every game, regardless of playing at Home or Away. But beating a 20-win club is quite a shocker especially against ;span style="font-weight:bold;">Wizards, a team on a three-win streak and coming off a victory from the Celtics.

LA Clippers

Click here

They aren't exactly playing badly but they seem to be lacking a bit in every department. However, they managed to churn out this 'W' over the Phoenix Suns. But i don't think Suns would be too badly affected by this loss. It is just of those days.

Notes: Both teams managed to collect their 11th win today.

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HoopsTube's Star of the night

Lebron was simply huge tonight and flirted with a TD with 51 pts, 8 rebounds and 9 assists. And to make it even sweeter he got a OT 'W' for the Cavaliers over Grizzlies. He clocked 47:10 mins of game time and was team high in FGM, 3PM and FTM. 25 of his 51 points came in the 4th quarter and OT.

"When we win, it means a lot. Every point counted tonight,'' said James, who is averaging 29.8 points. "I've lost a couple of games scoring 50 points, and I didn't like it too much. To have that accomplishment, and win the ballgame, means a lot.''

It's the 4th time this season when Lebron score more than 50 points.

As the Memphis coach Marc Iavaroni sums it up,"LeBron is fantastic. I think he's got more passing ability than Magic (Johnson) because he can put it on a dime and with zip. It's a function of his ability to score. He allows people to get free. He's 6-foot-9, and he can see.''

Nice. ;)

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HoopsTube's Quote of the night

"That's my real estate in the corner. It's like Monopoly. I've got four houses and a hotel on there. It's what I do.''- Pistons guard Richard Hamilton, on making several threes from roughly the same spot in Detroit's 103-89 win over the Raptors on Tuesday.

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