Saturday, May 31, 2008

Eastern Conference Champion: Boston Celtics

After defeating Pistons in Game 6, Celtics is the new Eastern Conference Final Champion.

Exactly one year ago, Pierce was fishing....

I'm so happy that i could do a "Sprewell" right now

ahhh... kiss of victory is sweet but it's not over yet

For more pics, visit :

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Michael Jordan new commercials

I love Jordan's commercials. They are always so inspiring and beautiful in a non-gay way. They made me wanna spend a few hundred bucks buying a Air-Jordan and i think this made it a rather successful commercial in that sense.Anyway enjoy the commercials and prepare your wallet on your right hand.

Become Legendary - Maybe

Become Legendary - Look me in the Eyes

Become Legendary - There are no Cinderellas

Become Legendary - It's not about the shoes

Become Legendary

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Western Conference Champion: LA Lakers

Western Conference Champions: La Lakers

End of the road for Spurs. Hopefully they can come back next year wth younger and better players.

Spurs players during the last few mins of the game.


Kobe palming the Western Conference trophy

We couldnt have ask more from Timmy.

Dejected Timmy

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Lebron James: A man in a child's body

This was supposedly taken during his high school days.

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Spotlight: Michael Jordan And His Buzzer-Beaters

When we talk about clutch plays and buzz-beaters, we never leave this name out - Michael Jordan. His illustrious career were littered ( in a good sense ;) ) with classic and unforgettable buzzer-beaters. Of course the man is not invincible, he made some and he missed some.

HoopTube presents to you Jordan's Top Ten Buzzer-Beater:

Cool as a cucumber.... damn that's the best i can come up with :(

If anyone were to say he is a selfish ass who always hog the ball while the clock is ticking down, any Jordan fans would quickly remind them of the assists to Steve Kerr's game winning shot during the '97 NBA Finals.

Steve Kerr's Buzzer Beater

Kerr explaining why Jordan didnt took the crucial shot

Of course all good things gotta come to a end but Jordan had carved a career out of being a clutch player and he would not be forgotten.

inhale... exhale...

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kobe talks about his "snake" jump

Of course it is fake. But we just wanna see Kobe lies through his pearly whites :D

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Charles Barkley calls San Antonio "fat"

Look who's talking...(proceed to roll eyes)

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Kobe jumps over a pool of snakes

Why is Kobe hanging out with the Jackass Crew??

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Johnny Most hates the Detroit's Bad Boys

Legendary Celtics' annoucer Johnny Most sure gets me fired up against the "Bad Boys". How i wish we have commentators like this... JVG maybe??

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Spotlight: Lamar Odom's basketball shoes

Many individuals in the world commemorate certain events or people in their life in many sorts of ways. Some preferred to tattoo it down, while the milder one would write it down in their diaries. But if you are a famous athlete and has millions of people watching almost everyday, why not write it on your shoes? Yep and that's what many basketballer did. Chris Paul is one of them but today i'm just gonna touch on Lamar Odoms' shoes.

From the pics we can see,"Grandma" and "Baby J" written on it. There is a third one, "Cathy". "Grandma" was written to honor his grandmother who took care of him after his mom died. "Baby J" was to honor his son who died in infancy. And lastly, "Cathy" refers to his mom who died of cancer when he was only 12. Lamar Odom write their names on every new pair of basketball shoes he have.

"Cathy" written on Odom's "Kobe" shoes

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Ronny Turiaf in the zone

Ronny Turiaf in the zone!! "his own" zone rather....

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Another Kobe jumping over "smt" viral video??

man where do i buy those software to do this crazy stunts??

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Top 10 Tayshaun Prince's Playoff Blocks

Prince is playing so well right now that he had a "Top Ten" highlights based on just his playoff performance.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

NBA Potential Top 2008 Draft Picks

Derrick Rose

Michael Beasley

Kevin Love

OJ Mayo

Kosta Koufos

J.J. Hickson

Chase Budinger

Mario Chalmers

Wayne Ellington

Richard Roby

Joe Alexander

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

A very awkward spank

Apparantly someone think it is funny to repeat a video of Wally Szczerbiak spanking Lebron James's tush 4 times. Well at least it seems funny for me.

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Ten Ways Laterell Sprewell can feed his family

Those were the days...

The ungraceful fall of Latrell Sprewell is well-documented.

His yacht has been repossessed.

He owes more than $72,000 in unpaid taxes.

And his company, Sprewell Motorsports, hasn't paid its credit card bills since September.

man...i feel like choking him again

Is there really no way back for him? Not really...Here's 10 ways how he can climb back:

1. Dig up that disrespectful contract offer
You remember -- the one in which the Timberwolves offered you $21 million for three years? The one you turned down, never to play in the NBA again? Yeah, that one. Find it. Find as many copies as you can. Yes, the very contract you found insulting is now important to your survival. You must burn its pages to keep warm during those cold Wisconsin nights.

2. Make use of your old basketball shoes
You once had a lucrative shoe contract with Converse. Lucky for you, they were modern leather sneakers and not the old canvas Chuck Taylors. Why is that lucky? Because leather provides far more nutrition when eaten than does canvas.

Try this Leather Shoe Soup recipe:

1 part leather shoe (remove the rubber sole and set aside)
3 cups water (if water is too expensive, simply capture all the sweat you produce when creditors call)
A dash of salt (dried flop sweat works)

Boil until the leather is tender like a soft neck. Use the sole as a ladle.

3. Strangle wild game
It is not possible to survive on Leather Shoe Soup alone. Thankfully, you have an applicable life skill other than basketball: strangling! But considering you were unable to kill large game like P.J. Carlesimo, avoid targeting deer, bears and the like. Focus your energies on small creatures such as squirrels and rabbits. You will find their throats easily crushed. Be sure to eat them quickly, however. If they spoil and you get sick, you will not be able to afford your medical bills.

Hmmm. Maybe I could've fed my family on $21 million after all.

4. Embrace being a cautionary tale
You are the athlete poster child for poor financial decision-making. Go with it. Speak to NBA teams and young athletes in every sport about how they need to set money aside for the future. Have them set the money aside. Then grab it and run.

Hey, you got 50 to spare?

5. Ask old teammates for help
Your career spanned 13 years and three franchises. You played with some great players. And many of those players -- guys like Chris Webber and Allan Houston -- managed their money well and could give you advice. Or just follow ex-Knicks teammate Patrick Ewing around and pick up all the singles he drops.

6. Seek re-employment in the league
You are broke. You haven't played in three years. And you'll turn 38 this year. It might be time to swallow your pride and take whatever some NBA team offers. Isiah Thomas is no longer around to offer you twice what Minnesota did four years ago. But there are still many general managers in the NBA who are nearly as incompetent at their jobs as you are at managing your finances. Seek them out.

7. Hire Keith Van Horn's agent
Some people have figured out how to make millions of dollars while not playing in the NBA.

8. Think back on the good old days
It's not all bad. You still have your health. And you have many great memories from your career to distract you from the gnawing hunger pains. Remember when you led the Knicks to the 1999 NBA Finals? Remember making your first All-Star Game in 1994? Remember going off on Carlesimo when he asked you to "put a little mustard" on a pass? Mmmmm … mustard.

9. Buy Milwaukee's Best
No, not the 70-foot, $1.5 million Italian yacht you named Milwaukee's Best that was repossessed last year. The beer. It's really, really, really, really cheap. And if you drink enough of it, you might briefly forget the situation you are in.

10. Feed your family
Remember: Their health and wellness is the most important thing. So whatever food you do have should go to them. That way, they'll stay plump and juicy for you to eat if things get worse.

Source : ESPN Page 2

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Vince Carter reminisce about his younger day

No. He is not retiring.... yet.

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day to Lebron James Mum!!

Ok this is abit slow but i gonna post it nonetheless... Pierce gotta Foul Lebron James during the crucial few mins so he end up wrapping ard him but continue to do so after the foul so as to ensure Lebron James's safety. But coincidentally, they end up in front of James's mother, Gloria James. And been the firecracker that she is, she immediately jumped in Pierce's face but not b4 Lebron James told her mom to "Sit your (butt) down!". Sweet!

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Andrew Bogut gets lonely at the FT line so....

he decided to High-Five Himself. Most NBA players complain when their teammates ignore them, Andrew Bogut just creates new teammates.

This clip is so crazy that i actually watched twice to be sure....

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Chris Paul VS Legends

One could not grasp the sheer brillance and talent that the young Hornet Guard is displaying in the post-season until the concrete statistics proves it. Chris Paul is making a small steps towards having his name engraved in the Hall Of Fame.

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Friday, May 9, 2008

Kobe Bryant : 2008 MVP

Finally, Kobe might just sleep a little easy at night, knowing that the one thing that had been eluding him for years is now safely kept right in his Championship trophy cabinet.

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Top Ten Lines from Chuck Swirsky

Chuck who? Chuck Swirsky is the former television play-by-play voice of the Toronto Raptors of the NBA. He is currently the radio play-by-play voice of the Chicago Bulls of the NBA.

He is known for his famous "Salami & Cheese" phrase, which was used to advertise Raptors game packs during the 2007-08 season.Another catch phrase is "Onions, Baby, Onions." This is said when a player makes a great play, and was used to advertise Raptors NBA TV HD.

On May 6, 2008, Swirsky, the voice of the Toronto Raptors for the past decade, left the organization for personal reasons related to his family.

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All The Top Tens in NBA season 2007/2008

Top Ten Team Work

Top Ten Plays

Top Ten Alley Hoop NBA Season 2007/2008

Top Ten Ankle Breaker

Top Ten Assists + Blocks

Top Ten Fluke Shot

Top Ten Clutch

Top Ten Leandro Barbosa Plays

Shane Battier's Top Ten plays

Top Ten Jason Terry Defensive Plays

Top Ten Plays By Rajon Rondo and Hedo TurkoGlu

Rajon Rondo & Hedo TurkoGlu

Top Ten Kobe Bryant Defensive Plays

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Kevin Durant Top Ten plays

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"Balls Don't Lie"

This a new Hoop Flick staring Grayson Boucher (aka "The Professor" in And1). The plot is pretty typical. A young talented guy breaking free from a tough neighbourhood. But i would pay to watch Prof display his mad handles on the big screen. The show is surprisingly low budget as it featured quite a few celebrity appearance like Nick Cannon, Ludacris and also NBA stars like Al Jefferson, Delonte West.


I got no idea when it's coming out so you guys might wanna do a google on it.
A Much More Professional Review: Tribeca Reviews on "Balls Don't Lie"

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Manu Ginobili abuses Towel Boy??

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Saturday, May 3, 2008

NBA Remix by HoopTube

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