Sunday, February 15, 2009

NBA All-Star Phoenix 2009 Day 2

Woke up early to catch the 2nd day telecast of the NBA All-Star 2009. Missed the first day event as my cable wasn't broadcasting it but it doesn't matter. First day events are always a non-factor.... at least to me. I barely knew 1/12 of the celebrity out there. Perhaps missing the rookie vs Sophomore game was a pity. I heard KD took over the match, in style.

The second day was pretty boring actually. Maybe it's because last year All-Star standards were just too good to overtake or maintain. Jason Kapono tying the All-Star 3 point record( 25 point i tink), Dwight with his superman suit coupled with his crazy dunks. Perhaps i had hyped up the event myself. I wanted Kapono to win and made it 3 in a row. I wanted Dwight to win and witness some out-of-this-world dunk. I wanted Rudy to show the world why he is able to posterize Dwight Howard in the Olympics.

But in the end, everything just went the opposite of what i expected. It was as if someone up there knew of my greedy wish and decided to crush it. Howard brough the hoo-haas but not the dunks. Kapono ass got kick with just 14 points in the second round. And Rudy chose Pau Gasol as his partner to assist him for the second dunk. enuff said.

Hopefully Day 3 could at least try to bring me rising from the couch for once. Oh ya, Lebron has put in his name for next year NBA All-Star Dunk contest. Sweet~!~!~!

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